Why walking in a women’s group is magic

What better way to celebrate National Walking Month than setting yourself a walking challenge, finding more ways to include walking into your daily life or better still experience the magic of walking in a women’s group. Here in Worcestershire we have an abundance of beautiful walks that we love to share with you, especially now spring has sprung!

Walking is a wonderful form of exercise that offers so many benefits for your physical and mental health. While solo walks can be peaceful and restorative, walking in a women’s group can take your experience to a whole new level.

Here’s what the women say who join our group walks:
1. Social Connection: Walking in a group gives us so much more meaningful conversations. We share stories, catch up on life and just enjoy each other’s company. I love our group walks, they are so empowering because we belong to a welcoming community of likeminded women. These social connections provide us with support and enhance our overall well-being.
2. Motivation and Accountability: When we walk together, we are more likely to stay committed to that set day, as well as inspire us to walk more. Yes we could walk on our own, but the camaraderie of our women only group walks can motivate us to show up and stick to our goals, even on days when we might otherwise skip it. Knowing others are counting on us can keep us accountable and consistent.
3. Safety in Numbers: Walking as a group offers an added layer of safety, especially when exploring new routes or walking in less familiar areas. There’s strength in numbers and having the route planned for you, with mindful thought and attention for our safety with a qualified Walk Leader, provides us with peace of mind and reduces our worries about personal safety.
4. Fun and Variety: Our group walks always bring a sense of fun and variety. We love to try new routes or challenges suggested by our group members and of course Rachel, keeping things interesting and engaging. The shared experience can make each walk feel like a mini-adventure.
5. Enhanced Physical and Mental Benefits: Walking with other women inspires us to walk further than we believe we can. This is such a confidence boost. I was really worried about joining a group walk. Would i be able to keep up? What happens if I don’t know anyone. Rachel always creates such a welcoming group. No one is eve left behind and the social side of meeting other women and realising that they only live down the road, helps me feel less isolated and boosts my mood.

Walking in a group with other women in Worcestershire offers a unique blend of being active, sociable, connected and supported.

If you haven’t tried it yet, consider joining one of our group walks, even invite your friends. You can find more details on my website – Walking – RJ Fitness & Coaching

If you’re looking to find more ways to include walking into your daily life, then why not download my ‘Mission May’ our 31 days of finding our own joy in walking.

Click on the picture above to download your Mission May walking challenge
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