I offer a range of led walks in the Malvern Hills, Worcestershire, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Forest of Dean and Wales.  I also deliver programmes to help improve your fitness and stamina through walking or develop your map reading skills.  We also take on challenges together (the Malvern Hills End to End or the Cotswold Way) and in 2024 we are sharing a holiday in Dartmoor and Wales.   

As women over 40 I want to help you enjoy walking, talk about all things menopause related and walk at a pace where you can discover new places without the hassle of planning your own route.  We will share beautiful views, learn some fun facts along the way and you’ll meet a great community of likeminded women.  

NEW for 2024 

Are you visiting the Malvern Hills or Worcestershire?  Would you like someone else to do all the route planning for you which includes the best cafe stops and views, then get in touch.   

Or are a group of friends or an employer looking to take on a walking challenge for your staff and need a qualified guide then please get in touch.  I can help you prepare for a challenge walk with a guided plan, as well as plan and guide you on the walk itself.  

walks 2024

Whether you're looking to blow the cob webs away, improve your fitness or simply soak in those amazing views, then come and share it with other likeminded women in a small and supportive group.

There are 2 long walks (just £17) to choose from every month which are usually in the Malvern Hills, Herefordshire or the Cotwolds. I also offer pop up shorter walks linked to themes e.g. bluebells, foxgloves, Christmas or Halloween.

You don't need to plan your own route or worry about getting lost, as this is all taken care of. All you need to do is put one foot in front of the other, have a good natter, share stories, pause to admire the views and love that calm and relaxed feeling that nature has instore for us.

If you’d like any further details on any of the walks coming up, have a look at my calendar which you can view by clicking on Book Now and Schedule and the month view.

Walking the Cotswold way in 2024

Starting from January 2024 we have been walking the Cotswold Way (from Chipping Campden to Bath) which is 102 miles.

We have been walking a section together every month and aim to finish in December 2024.

The package is now sold out, but you are welcome to join us for any sections any month, if there are spaces. These are just £17 for a day walk.

We will be launching our 2025 walking challenge in July/August 2024, so make sure you are on my VIP mailing list if you'd like to be the first to hear about it.

Walking Holidays

We launched our first walking holiday in 2023 to Wales and it sold out within 24 hours!

In 2024 we are also going back to Wales and visiting Dartmoor in July. In 2025 the plan is to expand these to Dorset and Peak District.

My holidays vary from £225-£549. Sign up to my VIP mailing list if you'd like to be the first to hear about them.


It depends on what type of programme or session you are looking at.  I offer a broad range of activities which caters for the complete beginner up to more experienced and fitter individuals.  All classes and activities will be given a level type it’s suitable for, but if you’re not sure then please get in touch. 

I have a range of cycling programmes on offer from the complete beginner to those who would like to take on a 100km bike ride.  

For my zero to cycling hero programme it doesn’t matter what type of bike you have, in fact we would love it if you’ve just dusted off your bike and haven’t ridden it for years.  For the Sportdivas course you will need a hybrid with road tyres or a road bike. 

All of my guided walks are graded, as well as information about the distance.  My guided walks will vary from Easygoing to Moderate and Challenging or Strenuous.  Whilst the walks are graded, we never leave anyone behind and will walk at the pace of the slowest walker. 

For most of the online classes we use dumb bells or you can improvise with items you would most likely have at home.  Otherwise you can also just use your own body weight.  

 Otherwise if it is a special themed week you may need something specific which you will need to get hold of beforehand.  Sometimes I do pop up masterclasses/workshops where the equipment is provided and included in the cost. 

The face to face activities will vary in venue, especially the guided walks and the cycling programmes, as these tend to move around each week/month.  I often use Norton Parish Hall and my studio too which is based in Malvern.  All activities will give you details about the venue location first.

Yes absolutely.  Most of my clients come to my studio but the beauty of personal coaching is it’s tailored for you and that includes the venue, so if you’d like 1:1 coaching at your home then please get in touch.  

That’s fine, let’s chat first.  All of my clients are screened before you take part in an activity, this is so I can get some more information about any injuries or previous medical history so that I can advise you accordingly and offer you the right support.

My guided walks take place all year round, so I will always advise you on a kit list on what to bring for each walk.  

The cycling programmes don’t always need specialist equipment/clothing but if you’re not sure we will also teach you what is best to use.  

For online classes I always recommend loose fitting clothing and something you can easily move around in.