Welcome to information about cycling.  You’ll find a range of programmes here just for you. 

I am a qualified British Cycling Coach, guide and tutor and hugely passionate about getting women into cycling.  

Cycling has been a big passion of mine since my late teens.  I understand what it’s like to be a true beginner, feeling unconfident on a bike and lacking any knowledge on how to look after my bike.   

I first got into cycling as a way to help me lose weight and feel better about myself.  It didn’t take long for me to get hooked.  I love discovering new places by bike and I love the amazing feeling you get from conquering that first hill you never thought possible.  Riding a bike gives you that sense of awe and wonder, smiling at that bird circling above you or admiring that breath taking sunset.  

Are you a beginner and new to cycling? Is your bike gathering dust in the shed and ready to come out of hibernation?  

Are you looking to train for your first 100km or ride your bike to work and need confidence in traffic?  

Would you like to try mountain biking?  

Does the thought of getting a puncture terrify you and you’re looking to learn these essential skills?  

Whatever your level, I’m here to support and guide you on your journey into cycling.  

If you are looking for a more tailored approach, maybe you’re training for a specific event or you would like a bespoke cycling plan.  Then I’d be happy to discuss what you are looking for and I am sure together we can come up with a great plan that will help you prepare well.

Zero to Cycling hero (Women's cycling on road for beginners)

If you are new to cycling on road, maybe you haven't ridden for years and your bike is gathering dust in the shed, then why not come and join my beginners road cycling course.

This is an 8 week beginners cycling programme for women, run by women and includes.
* Level 1 Bikeability (cycling proficiency for the 21st century)
* An introduction to what tools you need for a bike ride.
* 8 weekly group bike rides to build your confidence of riding in a group, as well as your stamina and fitness.
* An 8 week cycle training plan to build you up to riding your first 50km bike ride.
* A closed What's app group with weekly topics, accountability and buddies to ride with for homework.
* A 50km graduation ride together with a medal and a t-shirt.

My next course is now 2025 and costs between £179-£199. .

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Sportdivas (cycle your way to 100km)

This course is always extremely popular. It's an 8 week course that builds your cycling stamina, fitness and confidence on road, ultimately cycling 100km together.

The 8 week course includes.
* A tailored 8 week structured and tailored plan, helping you to build the distance and train smart.
* 8 weekly group rides to improve your endurance with a British Cycling Ride Leader and Level 2 coach.
* Coaching on how to conserve your energy on a longer ride, including how to cycle in the right training zone and how to approach hills.
* Weekly tips on how to fuel and hydrate for a longer ride, myths around cramp, recipes for you to try for snacks on rides, how to overcome your 'chimp' and develop a positive mindset, strategies to cope with worry and anxiety, goal setting and route planning.
* Exclusive access to a What's app group.
* Graduation 100km group ride and medal.
* Access to an 8 week programme of workouts that help build leg, glute, core strength and balance.

My next course will be starting in September 2024 and costs between £189-£209. Sign up to my VIP Newsletter to get the early bird discount.

women Only Mountain Biking and visiting the malvern hills/Cotswolds

Are you new to riding a mountain bike and would like to improve your confidence and bike handling skills off road in a safe space with other likeminded women?

Would you like to learn the basics of map reading and take part in your first British Mountain Biking Orienteering event in the Midlands?

Would you like to join a women only mountain bike ride, and explore the Malvern Hills or Cotswolds with a qualified female mountain bike leader?

Are you visiting the Malvern Hills or Cotswolds and looking for a guide to take you on a well planned mountain bike ride with a great cafe and views?

In 2024 I will be running a number of pop up mountain bike workshops, rides and holidays. As well as, tailored mountain bike guiding for those visiting the Malvern Hills and Cotswolds.

To give you an idea of what's available and on offer:
* An introduction to riding a mountain bike, how to position yourself, what to look out for and top tips for building your confidence.
* An introduction to mountain biking and orienteering with the opportunity for us to do some British Mountain Biking Orienteering events together.
* Led women only mountain bike rides (20-40km) on the Malvern Hills, Cotswolds and Wales.
* Guided mountain bike rides or downloadable routes for those visiting the Malvern Hills and Cotswolds.
* Women only mountain bike holidays in Wales (NEW for 2024!)

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What people say?

I’ve made some wonderful friends on this course, found a new love of cycling and confidence in riding on the road. I now know how to tackle hills, change gear, know more local routes and I can now do my cycling jersey up which 8 weeks ago I couldn’t. What’s not to love about this course, highly recommend.
Zero to cycling hero
I have learned so much on this course, from riding technique to a shared experience with others and abundance of support. The structured plan, the weekly rides together and all the tips about nutrition, fuel, how to pace, roadside repairs and mindset helped prepare me well for my first 100km bike ride. I love the way Rachel completely tailors the course to the group, has a welcoming can do attitude which inspired me to reach outside of my comfort zone.


It depends on what type of programme or session you are looking at.  I offer a broad range of activities which caters for the complete beginner up to more experienced and fitter individuals.  All classes and activities will be given a level type it’s suitable for, but if you’re not sure then please get in touch. 

I have a range of cycling programmes on offer from the complete beginner to those who would like to take on a 100km bike ride.  For my zero to cycling hero programme it doesn’t matter what type of bike you have, in fact we would love it if you’ve just dusted off your bike and haven’t ridden it for years.  For the Sportdivas course you will need a hybrid with road tyres or a road bike. 

All of my guided walks are graded, as well as information about the distance.  My guided walks will vary from Easygoing to Moderate and Challenging or Strenuous.  Whilst the walks are graded, we never leave anyone behind and will walk at the pace of the slowest walker. 

Most of the Healthy Habits hub we use equipment that you would most likely have at home or we just use body weight exercises.  Otherwise if it is a special themed week you may need something specific which you will need to get hold of beforehand.  Sometimes I do pop up masterclasses/workshops where the equipment is provided and included in the cost. 

The face to face activities will vary in venue, especially the guided walks and the cycling programmes, as these tend to move around each week/month.  I often use Upton Hill Centre and my studio too which is based in Malvern.  All activities will give you details about the venue location first.

Yes absolutely.  Most of my clients come to my studio but the beauty of personal coaching is it’s tailored for you and that includes the venue, so if you’d like 1:1 coaching at your home then please get in touch.  

That’s fine, let’s chat first.  All of my clients are screened before you take part in an activity, this is so I can get some more information about any injuries or previous medical history so that I can advise you accordingly and offer you the right support.

My guided walks take place all year round, so I will always advise you on a kit list on what to bring for each walk.  The cycling programmes will also need some specialist equipment/clothing but if you’re not sure we will also teach you what is best to use.  For online classes I always recommend loose fitting clothing and something you can easily move around in.