There are a variety of online and face to face classes and workshops with peri and post menopausal women in mind.  What’s even better is it doesn’t matter if you don’t live in Worcestershire you will find a growing library of On Demand workouts for you to try.    

You might be looking to feel stronger, more toned or improve your balance.  Or maybe you’re looking to enjoy exercising with a group of supportive and likeminded women or simply discover how to use a piece of equipment or learn a new skill. 

As women over 40, when we get older, we feel more nervous and less confident about trying new things.  I’m here to give us the opportunity to try something new together throughout the year in a supportive, fun and nurturing way.  What better way to do that than in a group of likeminded women. 

So far we have been paddle boarding, climbing, tried out wobble boarding and even tried our hand at map reading.   

Why not take a look at the classes and workshops on offer. 

Stronger for longer club

I am delighted to be starting a new online 'Stronger for longer club' for just £10 a month. Click on Members Area to find out more.

What's included every month:
A monthly topic or theme
A monthly challenge - these are designed to give you a goal to work towards that month.
A monthly masterclass - every month you will get access to a live (and recorded) masterclass which will guide you step by step on how to get started with the monthly topic/theme.
A downloadable workbook or worksheet
Q&A sessions - every fortnight you will get access to a live (and recorded) Q&A.
Exclusive What's app - you will be given access to the exclusive SFLC What's app group.

Strength and Conditioning Class

This is a 45 mins class. My online LIVE class is every Monday at 5.45pm or if you prefer a face to face class this is at 7.15pm every Monday at my studio in Malvern.

My online class is an intermediate class and aimed at cyclists, runners and walkers looking to build strength, stamina and stability. We often use use 2-3kg dumb bells, so you will need your own set of these (you can of course improvise).

My face to face is a beginner/intermediate class and as there are only ever max 4 women in the class it's a perfect way to benefit from a more tailored small group session. We have mostly been using a wobble board and dumb bells (I have 2 spare wobble boards and plenty of dumb bells)

Each class focuses on finding ways to help you feel more stable, improving your balance, as well improving your core and leg strength and feeling more confident using weights.

If you’re not sure if the class is for you, then why not come and try it. Your first session is always free.

There is a PAYG option for both classes - £6 (online) and £11 (face to face). You can also buy a 4CLASSPASS which gives you a discount and access to the recording (for the online class). The monthly membership is £20 (online) and £39 (face to face).

What people say?

I was really worried about signing up to this programme as I haven’t exercised in years. I am newly retired, over weight and didn’t want people to see me exercising. I’ve loved the fact that the workouts are really short, they get me out of bed every morning and I now can’t wait to get out in the fresh and do more walks and feel so much happier.
Shape up September
I have been attending Rachel's Strength and Conditioning class now for almost a year and I absolutely love the classes. As a cyclist and runner I know the importance of strength training and what has been most noticeable is I used to have a shoulder injury and since doing these classes my injury has now completely gone. Thank you Rachel.
Fitness Pilates


It depends on what type of programme or session you are looking at.  I offer a broad range of activities which caters for the complete beginner up to more experienced and fitter individuals.  All classes and activities will be given a level type it’s suitable for, but if you’re not sure then please get in touch. 

I have a range of cycling programmes on offer from the complete beginner to those who would like to take on a 100km bike ride.  For my zero to cycling hero programme it doesn’t matter what type of bike you have, in fact we would love it if you’ve just dusted off your bike and haven’t ridden it for years.  For the Sportdivas course you will need a hybrid with road tyres or a road bike. 

All of my guided walks are graded, as well as information about the distance.  My guided walks will vary from Easygoing to Moderate and Challenging or Strenuous.  Whilst the walks are graded, we never leave anyone behind and will walk at the pace of the slowest walker. 

Most of the Healthy Habits hub we use equipment that you would most likely have at home or we just use body weight exercises.  Otherwise if it is a special themed week you may need something specific which you will need to get hold of beforehand.  Sometimes I do pop up masterclasses/workshops where the equipment is provided and included in the cost. 

The face to face activities will vary in venue, especially the guided walks and the cycling programmes, as these tend to move around each week/month.  I often use Upton Hill Centre and my studio too which is based in Malvern.  All activities will give you details about the venue location first.

Yes absolutely.  Most of my clients come to my studio but the beauty of personal coaching is it’s tailored for you and that includes the venue, so if you’d like 1:1 coaching at your home then please get in touch.  

That’s fine, let’s chat first.  All of my clients are screened before you take part in an activity, this is so I can get some more information about any injuries or previous medical history so that I can advise you accordingly and offer you the right support.

My guided walks take place all year round, so I will always advise you on a kit list on what to bring for each walk.  The cycling programmes will also need some specialist equipment/clothing but if you’re not sure we will also teach you what is best to use.  For online classes I always recommend loose fitting clothing and something you can easily move around in.