How to measure your progress – top tips beyond the scales

This is a topic that I often get asked about – progress.  How do we measure it?  What do we measure?  And why is it important?   

Many of my clients are female and perimenopausal, menopausal or postmenopausal women.  We worry about our weight gain, especially around our middle and we would like to lose weight.  Many of my clients think that measuring their progress of weight loss is based on their weight on the scales.  I mean, how often do you jump onto the scales and feel sad?  It doesn’t always show what we want it to show and sometimes we can be really consistent, trying hard, yet the numbers on the scales don’t budge.  This often makes us feel like giving up. So if you feel like you are sucked into the ‘sad step’, as Joe Wicks calls it, then let’s start to look at different ways to help you measure your progress. 

Take measurements

One great way to focus on your progress for weight loss is by taking your measurements, so hips, chest and waist and track this progress every 4 weeks.  Our body is much more likely to change shape and your clothes will feel very different.  Underneath this is ultimately what we are looking for, ways to help us feel better about ourselves, more body confident,  happier and motivated to want to continue.  


Another way we can measure our progress over the number on the scales is by changing our mindset.  Rather than focus on what our body CAN’T do or what it looks like.  Focus on what your body CAN do.  It might be that you don’t have that toned body you used to have, but what about the fact you can still cycle 20 miles, do 10 press ups or touch your toes.  We should all feel proud of what our bodies CAN do, it’s amazing when we start to think about it.  


We can sometimes be driven by how far we can walk, cycle or run, how much weight we can lift or how hard an exercise feels as we are doing it. Rather than focusing on these measurements, why not focus on how quickly it now takes you to recover when doing something, compared to 1-3 months ago.

These measures of progress are so often undervalued yet way more important to each and every one of us.  It helps us to stay motivated and keep on track, as well as helping us to feel better long term.

Why not start THIS WEEK with a new refreshed way of looking at your progress with any aspect of your health and fitness journey. If I can help support you in anyway, then please get in touch, it’s always lovely to hear from you.  

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