How small consistent steps create long term change

January is always a popular time of year where people reflect on what they’d like to achieve in that forthcoming year and set goals. But come February time, most of these goals have gone out of the window and we’re feeling sorry for ourselves that we feel like a failure.

This is something many women I work with talk to me about and wonder why they can’t stick to their goals. Put simply they were probably too unrealistic, too challenging for you to achieve and sooner or later you’ll also run out of motivation.

So if you set yourself some goals in January and already feel like you’ve failed, do not fear as TOMORROW is always a NEW DAY.

If you start small, are consistent, I will guarantee you that you will start to see changes that will last you a long time.

So for example one of my clients is newly retired, she has never exercised, doesn’t enjoy it but knows that getting fit is now really important to her as she has high blood pressure. She loves spending time outdoors and walking, but doesn’t know where to go and lacks confidence because she doesn’t want to hold anyone up. As she loves walking and would prefer to exercise in the morning, I set her a task to go for a walk three times a week for just 10 mins in the morning so she was somewhere close to home. She would do this for 4 weeks and then we would check in to see how she was getting on.

Within a week, she felt her mood had improved and had started to make better food choices too. Not only that, but she was loving the 10 mins walks so much that she started to walk for 30-40 mins on one of them. Within 2 months she was walking every day for at least 30-40 mins, had gained loads of confidence, her mood had improved and she felt ready to join a guided walk.

This really is proof that if you start small, be consistent, make it really easy for you to achieve that you really will start to see long term changes.  

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