Empowering women over 40: Transforming ‘I Can’t’ into ‘I Can’ in 2024

As we embrace the exciting possibilities of 2024, it’s time for women, particularly those over 40 navigating menopausal changes, to shift the old barriers that have constrained us.  Let’s embark on a journey together to turn those ‘I cant’s’ into the ‘I can’s’ of tomorrow.  

What mindset do you currently have?

How often have you caught yourself saying phrases like “I’m too overweight,” “I’m unfit,” or “I can’t do that”? It’s time to break free from these long established mindset barriers and transform the impossible into the possible.  Are you ready to redefine what is possible for yourself?  

Let’s reframe

Many women find themselves stuck trying to overcome menopausal challenges that hinder them transforming their mindset. It could be due to age, weight, or perceived physical limitations. The key is to reframe these thoughts and turn them into empowering actions. Take a moment to reflect on the negative and limiting thoughts that have crossed your mind this week.

Let’s try something practical

Grab a piece of paper and divide it into 2 columns. On the left hand side, write down five of your negative thoughts you’ve had this week. Now, on the right side, let’s reframe those thoughts. Instead of saying, “I can’t,” ask yourself, “Why not?” What if, you could defy the odds and achieve your dreams? The magic starts to happen when you shift your mindset from self-doubt to self-belief.

Clients often approach challenges with a negative mindset, but with proper encouragement, these thoughts can transform. It’s about replacing “I can’t” with “I can do this.” It’s a journey of discovery, and the first step is acknowledging that change is possible.

What can you do next?

Are you ready to take control of your mindset and health in 2024?  Why not consider joining my new online small group personal training/coaching program starting in February called Shift in 6. This will give you a much more tailored approach, expert guidance coupled, short and realistic workouts, simple weekly mini movements, an e recipe book full of healthy recipes for you to try.  Ultimately transforming your mindset and empowering you to lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Embrace the shift, say goodbye to limitations, and step into the new year with confidence. Sign up today on my membership page HERE and let’s make 2024 the year you turn your dreams into reality.

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