Are you a woman over 40 who is lacking confidence with your fitness, not a fan of the gym and has no idea where to start when it comes to lifting weights?  Say hello to my new 4 week introduction to weights programme, designed especially for you.

Do you also think…

*️ I’m not ready yet
* I don’t want to get bulky
* My balance is terrible

How lifting weights can make a difference? 

As a peri menopausal women who suffers with terrible mood dips I love how it lifts my spirits and makes me feel more confident.  When I lift something that feels challenging I love the fact it helps me believe ‘I CAN’ which also transfers into other areas of my life too.   Not to mention the toning and lean muscle that it helps me develop.

Here are just some of the benefits you will see and feel.

* Build strength & muscle
* Lose body fat
* Improve body confidence

* Improve mental resilience

* Feel great & energised
* Have fun, laugh and find creative ways to enjoy moving and building strength

What’s Included…?

* FOUR progressive 30 mins workouts for beginners.  These will appear on your dashboard once you have signed up.

* Aim to do each workout 2-3 times a week so that you can feel the difference after 1 month.

* A downloadable exercise tracker so you can see which moves you like/dislike and which ones you need to focus on moving forward.

* Full support from me as a qualified PT and movement coach.  You will have access to me 24/7 to ask questions and get more tips.