Why businesses in Worcestershire should try Netwalking

Ever since I started my business in Worcestershire back in 2022, it’s often been a lonely and isolating place. That is until I found Netwalking.

I’ve tried a few different netwalking groups. Last month I had the opportunity to collaborate with Esther Partridge-Warner and Eliza Bradley from Real World Consultancy to establish one for businesses around Worcestershire.

So what is netwalking? Quite simply, it’s a blend of networking and walking. It can all be done in your lunch hour and your only commitment is to turn up once a month. What’s even better is it’s free!

I truly believe that these events are a game-changer for solo entrepreneurs. Here’s my top 5 reasons why you should try a Netwalking group.

No pressure connections

I love the informal setting that Netwalking provides. It’s a safe space for us to build great relationships. Walking side-by-side fosters a relaxed environment, making conversations flow more naturally.

Increased Creativity

Movement stimulates brain function. Most of my creative ideas have come from being outdoors on a walk. Switching off, can definitely help you switch on, leading you to breakthroughs and fresh ideas. It’s also a great opportunity to problem solve with others who may have a new perspective on something for you.

Movement and clarity

Walking regularly boosts physical health, increasing your energy levels and productivity. It also gives us headspace to find clarity. If our mind and bodies are healthy then this in turn supports a healthy and focused business.

Collaborative Opportunities

I love the unexpected opportunities that you get from conversations on a Netwalking group. Collaboration may await, whether it’s a joint venture or a new partnership, these opportunities can be invaluable.

Increased Visibility

Never underestimate the power of regular networking. It keeps us visible in our industry. This visibility can lead to new clients, partnerships, and opportunities.

So, lace up those walking shoes and take your business conversations outdoors on Netwalking. Here are some of the local ones that you could try.

Women who Worcestershire – Events – Women Who, Worcestershire (womenwhoworcestershire.co.uk)

Vanda Szabo runs a monthly one for women – NETWALKING | https://vsphotography.co.uk

Or come and join RWC and me for our next one – Wednesday 29 May, 1-2pm. Simply contact RWC directly to book your place – [email protected].

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